This site has information on my various attempts at creativity. On the Publications page, you’ll find links to my work that has appeared in journals online and to places you can buy anthologies that contain my poetry. You can find my experiments in computer art under Artwork. Notes on the Pad has announcements, reviews, and general bloggy stuff. Links to interesting sites are in the sidebar. Notes on the Pad can be found here

As of December 1, 2021, my poetry chapbook “Ringing the Bell” is available from Clare Songbirds Publishing House. This chapbook chronicles my adventures with breast cancer.

The chapbook is available from the following sources:

Ringing the Bell at Clare Songbirds Publishing House
Ringing the Bell at Amazon

In 2017, my poetry chapbook “Ghosts of My Own Choosing” was published by Flutter Press. Flutter Press closed temporarily near the end of 2018. As a result, I converted the chapbook to an ebook. I’ve also re-released the paperback. Both are available on Amazon. Please find it there and I would appreciate any reviews. Kindle

Ghosts of My Own Choosing

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