Synchronicity is a wonderful thing. Two things popped into my email today that relate to creative people working in a community, and they came from two very different sources.

The first was my Daily Stoic email (from Today it discussed how we are all part of a team, whether we know it or not. The example was about comedian Marc Maron asking stand-up comedians and actors about “who were your crew?” Almost everyone has an answer. Individuals who were working with and around each other and who encouraged and challenged each other. I immediately thought of the band of local poets that I see again and again at open mics in the area and also of my poetry critique group.

Then I opened my daily LitHub email and found an article on “The Imposter Poets of Iceland.” These six women take their name from the Imposter Syndrome feeling we all have/have had/will have. It’s an interesting story on how they kicked that feeling to the curb. I find it inspirational. Check it out:…/